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18 Febbraio 2020
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Villini del Rione Sallustiano

Villini del Rione Sallustiano

The acquisition of the Villini del Rione Sallustiano is MEROPE Asset Management’s first investment in Rome.

The property consists of ten different buildings for a total of over 17,000 sqm located in a century old park, that collectively constitute one of the capital city leading trophy assets.

MEROPE Asset Management, on behalf of the investment vehicle “Elettra” acquired the property from an international fund.

The ten buildings have been owned by some of Rome most notable families. Later the buildings have hosted, among others, the headquarters of Mediocredito and Unicredit.

MEROPE Asset Management’s target is to undertake deep refurbishment of the property and to reposition it to the highest contemporary standards and best practice of energy efficiency.

The transaction on this portfolio is in line with the investment targets of MEROPE and the family offices investing with the company.

This acquisition is a key component of MEROPE’s growth strategy. MEROPE aims to be the leading player with private capital in the Italian real estate market where, to date, it has already invested over €800 million.


The Villini are located between Via Sallustiana, Via Boncompagni, Via Piemonte and Via Quintino Sella, within walking distance of the capital's most important embassies and from Via Vittorio Veneto, the birthplace of Italian Dolce Vita.