Villini del Rione Sallustiano
28 Settembre 2021
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Brera - Via Ciovasso, dell'Orso, Ciovassino


Brera - Via Ciovasso, Via dell’Orso, Via Ciovassino

The property was bought by MEROPE on the 22nd of December 2022, from the CIR group. CIR originally bought it in the mid ’90 and use it for a long time as its Headquarter.

The building of about 4,000 sqm today has a mix retail-office-residential use destination, and is partially leased to few tenants, among which some companies of the CIR group. The asset includes 7 floors above ground and 4 underground, which includes 57 parking spaces.

MEROPE’s target is to undertake a deep refurbishment of the property and to reposition it to the highest contemporary standards.

This new acquisition confirms Merope’s role as a major player in the high-end real estate trophy asset investment and redevelopment.



The property is located between Via Ciovasso, Via dell’Orso and Via Ciovassino in Milan. The asset is nestled in the heart of Brera, the most vibrant district of Milan’s city centre.