Via della Spiga 5 - Milano - Quadrilatero della moda
Via della Spiga 5
13 Dicembre 2016
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Villa Spinola

Villa Spinola

Villa Spinola is known as one of Genoa’s most important 16th century Villas. Throughout five centuries, back since Geona’s “Golden Age” – 1500 – it was one of the dwellings of the Spinolas, one of the most eminent Genoese families.

Located on the hill of Albaro, the highest end address in the Ligurian city, Villa Spinola was bought in 2016 by an international family, who is part of MEROPE’s investors base.

MEROPE on behalf of it investor took care of the complex acquisition procedure and is encharged for the asset management, project management and full refurbishment works.

The 3.500sqm Villa and its 20.000sqm park, are listed under the Italian Ministry for cultural conservation.

The Villa refurbishment, planned over 3 years, aims to be the best refurbishment of a historical aristocratic villa in town. MEROPE targets to deliver its investor a unique property, both maintaining its historical value, as refurbishing it by the highest contemporary real estate standards.


Villa Spinola is located on the hill of Albaro, the highest end residential address in Genoa.