Facciata Palazzo Via Manzoni 9
Via Manzoni 9
18 Febbraio 2020
Palazzo Bernasconi zona Palestro Milano - Merope Asset Management
Palazzo Bernasconi – Via Palestro 24
14 Settembre 2018
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Corso Venezia 56

Corso Venezia 56

The Corso Venezia 56 building was acquired by MEROPE Asset Management in November 2019.

The property was bought under a Club Deal based on a value-added multi-asset strategy and is the first asset bought by MEROPE under this new investment scheme.

The property, previously HQ of General Electrics and Interbanca is known as one of the main landmarks building of Corso Venezia; the asset is listed under the Italian Ministry for Art and Culture.

MEROPE’s target is to reposition the building through a deep refurbishment and to bring it to the highest contemporary standards, while granting to preserve its historical value and architecture. MEROPE's aim is to create the perfect spot for attracting global firms looking for an extremely iconic address in a highly visible central Milan location.

The Corso Venezia 56 building represents a new world class investment for MEROPE, targeting value added returns profile on a short-medium term.


Corso Venezia is probably the highest end address in Milan. The building is extremely visible by facing the park on one side and the Porta Venezia on the other side.