Merope Asset Management signed with Banca IFIS a Preliminary Purchase Agreement for an Iconic Building located in Corso Venezia – Milan
29 Novembre 2019
Facciata Palazzo Via Manzoni 9
Merope Asset Management acquired an iconic building in the heart of Milan – via Manzoni 9
27 Febbraio 2020
MILAN, 17th of Dicembre 2019

Via della Spiga 5 has been fully let by RALPH LAUREN.

Via della Spiga 5 was acquired by MEROPE ASSET MANAGEMENT in July 2016. During October 2017, MEROPE sold the majority stake of the vehicle that owns the Asset. MEROPE sold a 75% share to a single private investor already owning the remaining 25% stake in the SPV (read more).

Since then, MEROPE continued with the asset management activity of the property that today has been fully let to RALPH LAUREN.

With this new opening, RALPH LAUREN is proceeding with its new strategic retail development in Europe. The Via della Spiga 5 building will become the new RALPH LAUREN Flagship Store in Milan.

With the release of the Via Montenapoleone building in 2015, RALPH LAUREN did not longer have a store in the Italian Fashion Capital. With this lease Ralph Lauren goes back to the Milan market with a strong and iconic retail project.
Via della Spiga 5 is currently under a deep re-development and re-positioning activity. The property will be delivered in August 2020 and the opening of RALPH LAUREN is expected in 2021.