The Project LA CORTE in Prague is completed
10 Novembre 2016
Palazzo Bernasconi zona Palestro Milano - Merope Asset Management
Merope Asset Management acquired “Palazzo Bernasconi”
14 Settembre 2018
MILAN, 24th of October 2017

MEROPE ASSET MANAGAMENT, sold the majority stake of the SPV that owns the asset located in Via della Spiga 5.

On behalf of the Club Deal that invested into the vehicle, MEROPE sold a 75% share to a single private investor already owning the remaining 25% stake in the SPV. Through this “buy-out”, the first round of investors completed a successful investment that provided an Equity x 2.1 multiple and an IRR for the investors exceeding 60%.


The Via della Spiga 5 deal perfectly represents MEROPE’s investment strategy. Strong Added Value, on short-medium term, was provided by careful project management and administrative procedures which changed deeply the potential nature of the asset.

The values reached in this transaction represent a new benchmark for Milan High Street retail market. Via della Spiga is considered one of the worlds famous retail high streets. Together with Via Montenapoleone and Via Sant’Andrea, they represent the heart of the so called Quadrilatero della Moda in Milan. One of the major shopping destinations worldwide.

This transaction confirms the excellent momentum of this specific market.